ACT now to improve your ED

Why would a chiropractor
be treating ED?

Because I have been treating other conditions with shockwave therapy (also called acoustic compression therapy - ACT) since 2015 and have developed the skills necessary to help in many conditions. When using shockwaves to treat ED the main idea is to help the blood to flow better into the penis when needed to produce an erection. We have known for years that shockwave therapy helps to grow new blood vessels and help blood flow better in the areas we are treating. So, it is actually a natural addition to our practice now that shockwave therapy has been shown to be so effective in treating ED.

It's quick, it’s painless and it’s effective.


Erectile dysfunction (ED) is a very common condition affecting about 30 million men in the US.  It can create a lot of anxiety and have far reaching affects, not only the act of intercourse but also relationships and mental health.   There are multiple causes that can include poor circulation, side effects of medication, or surgery or psychological factors.

Here is a resource article from The Cleveland Clinic:

Here is a link from the National Institute of Health:

Most medical treatments don’t allow spontaneous erections without interrupting the moment.

Shockwave therapy is different.  The shockwave therapy that we use at Life Chiropractic Center aims to bring back normal, spontaneous function by helping the blood to flow better through the arteries of the penis and promoting the growth of new blood vessels. 

Shockwave therapy works best for men who respond well to medications like Viagra and Cialis or for men whom those medications used to work but now they don’t.

We don’t expect it to work for men who’s ED started after prostate surgery or has a psychological cause. 

We take a thorough history before considering a person for our treatment.

It takes about 5 weeks to complete the treatments.  It takes about 10 minutes each time. 

The procedure is painless.  

The penis is not expected to become erect during the treatment. 

We invite you to call our office or come in for a free consultation with Dr. Marty.  You can see the shockwave machine and how it works before deciding if this treatment is right for you.


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ACT now to improve your ED